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      Beijing Huizhi M&EFactories Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The company is mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacture of diaphragm compressor products.The company has an excellent professional technical team and has accumulated rich experience in the production of diaphragm compressors. At present, it has developed 12 series and hundreds of products, including GS9, GD9, GS5, GD5, GP5 and GS3. According tothe piston force allowed to bear by the crankshaft connecting rod,thecompressorscanbeclassified as 0.5t, 0.7t, 1t, 2t, 4t, 6t, 8t and 18t piston forces.According to the motor power, the compressors can be classified as 1.5kW, 3kW, 5.5kW, 200kW and up to 560kW respectively.The company has a wide range of products and models, which can adapt to the transportation and compression of different process conditions and various compression media. The maximum exhaust pressure can reach to 100MPa. Please refer to the product introduction for details.

     Over the years, Beijing Huizhi M&E Factories Co., Ltd. has developed in-depth cooperation with a number of large enterprises by virtue of its good technical advantages and reliable product quality, accumulated a good reputation, and won the recognition and trust of many customers.At present, the company's new production base is about to be completed. We are willing to sincerely cooperate with users from all walks of life to provide users with products of various specifications, advanced performance levels and satisfactory services. The ultimate purpose of our company is to treat each other with sincerity, mutual benefit, common development and achieve win-win results.

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