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Compressor weak current controller

1, can independently complete the strong and weak current operation work. Ensure the safe and normal operation of strong current and weak current;

2. Completed inspection of operation of high and low voltage power distribution equipment and facilities;

3, can independently complete the electrical circuit design work;

4. Master the operation mode of power supply, line direction and operation mode of the equipment and facilities involved;

5. According to the maintenance plan, complete the maintenance work with both quality and quantity, so as to reduce the failure rate of the equipment to the minimum;

6. Do a good job in energy consumption statistics, do a good job in energy conservation according to the energy consumption plan, and reduce operating costs;

7, have compressor weak current control work experience is preferred;

8, must have a real and effective electrician certificate issued by relevant institutions.


1, technical secondary school or above, with welding certificate;

More than one year experience as a welder;

3. Familiar with welding materials and corresponding welding requirements of various equipment, and proficient in use;

4, enterprising, high sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.

CAD drawing part

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical design or related, with working experience in mechanical design;

2. Familiar with AUTOCAD software for mechanical design;

3. Proficient in office software for daily document and form processing;

4. Strong communication skills and spatial imagination, clear thinking, accurate understanding and expression of scheme design;

5. Have a team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey management and follow command;

6. Salary is negotiable.

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