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Quality guarantee

       1. The diaphragm compressor products provided by the company are manufactured according to relevant national standards, design drawings and technical conditions or the provisions of the agreement between the supplier and the buyer, and are qualified products that meet the technical indicators and have been inspected;
        2. For the product quality of the diaphragm compressor provided, our company abides by and implements the relevant provisions of the "product quality law" promulgated by the state, and is responsible for the design and manufacturing quality of the product;
        3. For the compressor products provided by our company, our company promises that under the user's compliance with the provisions of the user manual and correct use and operation conditions, the compressor products will be guaranteed for one year and a half from the date of delivery. During the warranty period, if the product cannot work and is damaged due to design and manufacturing reasons, the company will repair, debug and replace the damaged parts free of charge according to the situation until the whole machine, but the normal loss of vulnerable parts is not included;
        4. For the use of users' products, our company will provide active and long-term technical support and services, including technical consultation, on-site maintenance and commissioning, modification, overhaul and other work, and provide spare parts in time;
        5. Our company will track the technical quality of ex factory products regularly or irregularly, so as to continuously improve and improve the product quality and technical level. We sincerely hope users to cooperate.

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