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Double Acting Piston Diaphragm Compressor GDS134-60/160
has been successfully researched and developed, which has
achieved the technical appraisal certificate and been used
in industry fields

       From 2006 to 2008, about three years' hard working, our company successfully researched and developed the GDS134-60/160 diaphragm compressor with innovated structure.
       ▲Characteristics of the structure
       GDS134-60/160, the basic type of GDS series diaphragm compressor, is a two staged and water-cooled diaphragm compressor with opposite and balanced structure and double-acting pistons.   There are total 4 compressor-head assemblies installed on the machine: on the right-and-left sides, each side has a vertical compressor-head assembly and a horizontal one. This compressor has been equipped with flling and reclaiming oil system and automatic protection system. The whole compressor is fixed on the bedplate.
       Based on the GDS134- 60/160, we have produced many transformative products with high pressure, middle pressure, low pressure, and large capacity, which has been formed complete series to meet the users' demands.
       ▲Main Technical Data
       The rated technical data of GDS134-60/160
       Suction Pressure: 1atm (From 1atm to 0.05MPa (g) is allowable)
       Discharge Pressure: 16.0MPa
       Capacity: 60m3/h (Actual Value: 68.2m3/h)
       Energy Requirement: 0.39 kW/m3h-1 (Actual Value 0.37 kW/m3h-1)
       Sound Power: 98dB(A) [Conversion as Sound Pressure: 81dB(A) ], Actual Value≤94.1 dB(A)
       Sound Vibration: 18 mm/s ( Actual Value≤7.1 mm/s)
       Electromotor Power: 37kW
       Net Weight: 5910kg

       ▲Characteristics of the product
       —Designed with many new structures to make the compressor has advanced performance;
       —To adopt the opposite and balanced structure can balance the inertia force of the pistons at each side to make machine has low noise and little vibration. Also it's very easy to develop transformative products to meet different the customers' different demands;
       —The embedded structure of compressor-head assembly and to be sealed with double O-rings make the compressor has perfect air tightness without any contamination.
       —The strict pattern experiment and performance test has been done to the compressor. It proves that the compressor works reliable and it's convenient to operate and repair.
       Diaphragm compressor can be used to compress and transport or store gas without any contamination or leakage,such as pure gas, inert gas, flammable gas, explosive gas, poisonous gas and other special gases.
       The diaphragm compressors are widely used in various industries, for example, petroleum, chemical plant, gas separation, new material industry, energy source, aeronautics and nuclear technology etc.

       ▲The diaphragm compressor has achieved the technical appraise certificate for its good performance.
       In May 2008, the technical appraise meeting has been hold by the Chinese Mechanical Industry Committee. Many famous the compressor experts in China have attended the meeting and checked up our compressor at the workshop. At last, the committee made such an appraisement to the GDS 134-60/160 diaphragm compressor:
       —It's the first time for diaphragm compressor to adopt double acting piston and opposite and balanced structure with four compressor-head assembly. The new structure and technology has reach to the advanced level in the world,the top level in China.
       —There's lttle vibration and noise during compressor's running. Perfect air-tightness and automatic protection system make the compressor work steadily and safely.
       —Compared to the foreign similar products, this compressor has the same performance and lower price.
Many special newspapers and magazines also have reported the sucessful research and development of this compressor.

       ▲Users give high appraisement during using.
       During the research and development of GDS 134-60/160 diaphragm compressor, the transformative products of this series also were being researched and developed. From 2006 to 2008, we had designed six models and sold about twenty diaphragm compressors to ten companies dealing with new materials, petroleum chemical. After using these compressors, all of the users give high appraisement to our compressor.

Beijing Huizhi M&E Facilities Co., Ltd.
May 29th, 2008



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