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General procedure of daily operation

       1、Preparation and Starting
       Before starting, the diaphragm compressor should be examined carefully. For detail information,please refer to the《Products Serving Manual》.
       (1)Processes of starting:
       a.Rotate the big flywheel by the barring stick;
       b.elease the impurities by opening the drain valve fixed on the cooler's buffer tank. Make sure the released gas or impurities should be collected safely;
       c.0pen the cooling water valve to adjust the water flux;
       d.Screw loose the bolt below oil pressure gauge to reset the pressure value, then screw tight the bolt immediately;
       e.Rotate the handle of pressure control valve to keep it horizontal;
       f.tart the compressor, then turn the handle(s) of pressure control valve(s) uprightly;
       g.Open the valves fixed on the gas inlet and release pipes;
       h.Adjust the gas release valve to increase the gas pressure until it comes to the required value;
       i.Check the compressor performance regularly and make records.
       (2) If the sompressor has worked steadily for some time. and no adiustment has been made after stopping, the starting processes can be simplified as follows:
       a.Rotate the big flywheel for 1 or 2 circles. If it' s very hare to rotate the flywheel, you should release the excessive oil by loosening the bolt below oil pressure gauges or turning on the pressure control valve;
       b.Start the compressor;
       c.Screw loose the bolt below oil pressure gauge if the oil pressure is fluctuant;
       d.Turn on the cooling water valve.

       (1)Processes of normal stopping
       a.Turn off the gas inlet valve, then screw open the gas release valve to decrease pressure slowly in order to avoiding accident;
       b.After releasing the compressed gas, cut off the power to stop the electromotor;
       c.Ten minutes later after stopping the compressor, cut off the cooling water;
       d.If the environment temperature is too cold, remember to release all of the cooling water in case of water freezing.
3、Emergent Stopping
       Cut off the power immediately if some unexpected or dangerous accident happens.
4、Contents and requirements of daily maintenance:
       (1)Check the devices and keep them in order, clean, well lubricated and in safety;
       (2)Check and maintain the compressor according to the rules mentioned in《Products Servicing Manual》;
       (3)Make records of compressor performance.
       (4)Regular Maintenance
       (A) Working for 1000 hours or 6 months
       a.Check the air-tightness of gas valves;
       b.Check the diaphragms;
       c.Check the inlet of pressure control valve;
       d.Check the tightness of pulley belts;
       e.Check the tightness of pipes;
       (B) Working for 2000 hours or one year
       a.Except for checking the air-tightness of gas valves, the diaphragms, the inlet of pressure control valve and the belts as well as the pipe system, we should also do the following things;
       b.Change the lubrication oil;
       c.Clean or replace the oil filters;

       d.Check or replace the gas valves or its parts;
       e.Check or replace the diaphragms;
       f.Check or replace the o rings fixed in the compressor head(s);
       g.Check the oil compensating pump and pressure control valve then repair or replace the broken parts;
       h.Clean the cooling water pipes.
       (c).Working for 4000 hours
       a.Do as the (B) required and the following things:
       b.Check the clearance between piston rings and cylinder-liner;
       c.Check the abrasion of piston and crosshead;
       d.Check the abrasion and clearance of crankpin bearing(s);
       e.Check the abrasion and clearance of con-rod bushing.
       (D) Working for more than 20000 hours
       Disassemble the whole compressor and check all of the parts and decide to repair or replace them. For more information, please refer to the《Products Servicing Manual》.

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