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Excessively low discharge pressure

Caused by:
1.Low oil pressure or faults of suction and discharge valve;
2.Faults of pressure control valve or oil compensating pump;
3.Damaged diaphragm(s);
4.Leaking of gas-piping system;
5.Overmuch suction resistance;
6.Gas-demand exceeds gas-supply.
1.Adjust the oil pressure and keep it in required range;
2.Check and repair the suction or discharge valve;
3.Check and repair the suction or discharge valve;
4.Replace the damaged diaphragm(s);
5.Check and repair the leaking point(s);
6.Clean the gas inlet filter and adjust suction pressure;
7.Adjust the gas-demand and gas supply to keep them in equilibrations.
Excessively high discharge pressure
Caused by:
1.The gas release valve is closed or slightly open;
2.Gas-supply exceeds gas-demand or the suction pressure is too high;
1.Check and adjust the gas release valve;
2、Adjust the suction pressure and gas-demand.
Excessively high temperature
Caused by:
1.High compression ratio(discharge pressure is much higher than suction pressure);
2.Excessively high suction temperature;
3.Poor cooling efficiency in Compressor head(s);
a.Little or no cooling water;
b.Inlet water temperature is too high;
c.Cooling water pipe is jammed;
1.Adjust the suction or discharge pressure to stipulated value;
2.Decrease the suction temperature;
3.Check the cooling water system:
a.Increase the cooling water flux;
b.Decrease the inlet water temperature;
c.Clean the cooling water pipes.
Insufficient capacity
Caused by:
1.Excessively low suction pressure;
2.Faults of gas inlet or discharge valves;
3.Serious leaking of gas piping system;
4.Low rotation speed of crankshaft or pulley belts become loose;
5.Diaphragm(s) damaged or gas-cell caused by the deformed or wrong fixed diaphragm(s);
6.Improper fixing clearance of gas valve(s).
1.Increase the suction pressure;
2.Repair or replace the disabled gas valve(s);
3.Check and repair the leaking points;
4.Check the voltage and adjust the tightness of pulley belts;
5.Check and replace the diaphragm(s);
6.Adjust the fixing clearance of gas valves to the stipulated range.
Fluctuant or improper oil pressure
Caused by
1.Faults of pressure control valve;
2.Gas mixed in the hydraulic oil;
3.Faults of oil compensating pump;
4.Leakage of non- return valve(s);
5.Leakage of oil supplying pipe;
6.0il leakage caused by the wide clearance piston rings.
1.Repair or replace the fault parts;
2.Release the gas by loosening the bolt below oil pressure gauge;
3.Check and repair the oil compensating pump;
4.Repair the non- return valve(s);
5.Replace the broken oil pipe and pipe joints;
6.Repair or replace the piston rings or cylinder-liner(s).
Improper lubrication pressure
Caused by:
1.Lubrication pump is wrongly adjusted;
2.The clearances in axial and radial directions are too wide;
3.0il pipe is jammed or leaks;
4.The lubrication oil is too watery;
5.Lubrication oil is leaked too much caused by the wide clearance of lubricating area.
1.Regulate the lubrication pressure by screwing the adjusting bolt;
2.Check clearance and adjust it by repair or replace the relative parts;
3.Dredge the jammed oil pipe or replace it;
4.Change the lubrication oil;
5.Check the clearance of lubricating area and keep it in the stipulated range.
6.Check and repair the lubrication oil gauge.
Irregular hammer -blows come from pressure control valve(s)
Caused by
1.The spring is broken or deformed;
2.The valve stem, valve body and handle can' t move fluently;
3.The valve inlet is worn out or the valve stem and seat are not in-line;
4.There's gas mixed in oil chamber.
1.Replace the spring;
2.Overhaul the pressure control valve and repair it;
3.Repair or replace the worn-out parts;
4.Release the gas by turning the handle horizontal or screwing loose the bolt below gas ressure gauge.
0il pressure is fluctuant or can' t be regulated by the pressure control valve
Caused by:
1.The spring in pressure control valve is broken or deformed;
2.The spring in pressure control valve gets stuck;
1.Replace the springs;
2.Disassemble the pressure control valve and repair relative parts;
Faults of oil compensating pump
Caused by:
1.Deformed spring or the plunger gets stuck by some impurities;
2.There's gas gathered in pump;
3.0il inlet valve gets stuck (disable to open or close);
4.0il filter is stopped up;
5.There's not enough oil in crankcase;
1.Disassemble the oil compensating pump and repair the improper parts;
2.Release the gas by screwing loose the bolt;
3.Check the oil inlet valve and replace the broken parts;
4.Clean the oil filters;
5.Fill oil and keep it in stipulated level.
Abnormal Noises
Caused by:
1.Abnormal noises come from the crankshaft and connecting-rod maybe caused by :wide clearance of crankpin bearing and connecting rod bearing cap, wide clearance between piston and piston pin or wide clearance between crankshaft and roll-bearing(s);
2.Abnormal noises come from the cylinder subassembly maybe caused by:oil deficiency in oil chamber, diaphragms spanking the oil distributing plate or the stuck rings because of abrasion and some impurity;
3.Hammer-blows come from gas valve(s) or pressure control valve;
4.Abnormal noises come from the flywheel maybe caused by: looseness of bolts or bond,improper match of flywheel and crankshaft or looseness of belts;
5.Abnormal noises come from electromotor maybe caused by: overload of electr omotor or looseness of belts;
6.Abnormal noises caused by the oscillation of gas pipes or the loose pedestal.
1.Resolve the relative problems;
2.Check the compressor head(s) and repair or replace the relative parts;
3.Refer to the solutions of“irregular hammer-blow in gas valve (s)
and oil pressure fluctuated in oil chamber;
4.Check the fixing of f1ywheel and adjust the tightness of pulley belts;
5.Check the relative parts;
6.Fasten the pedestal and oscillating pipe(s) again.
For more information, please refer to the 《Products Servicing Manual》.

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