The new product gds134-60 / 160 large high pressure double acting diaphragm compressor has been successfully developed





The large-scale high-pressure double acting multi membrane head diaphragm compressor has been successfully developed and passed the expert technical appraisal

        With the rapid development of China's modern industry and new technology, the demand for large diaphragm compressors is growing rapidly. In order to meet this rapidly growing demand, Beijing Huizhi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. has undergone nearly three years of research and test, as well as the development and industrial application assessment of its series of products, Gds134-60 / 160 large high pressure double acting multi membrane head gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor in GDS series has been successfully developed. In May 2008, it passed the product technology appraisal of the expert appraisal committee chaired by China Machinery Industry Federation and chaired by senior professor Yu Yongzhang.
        The main technical performance indexes of the machine are:
        Structural type: symmetrical balance type, double action of oil cylinder and piston, two-stage compression, two rows and four membrane heads, water cooling;
        Intake pressure: atmospheric pressure (0.05 MPa micro positive pressure intake is allowed)
        Rated exhaust pressure: 16.0 MPa;
        Volumetric flow: 68.2m3/h (rated value: 60m3 / h)
        Volume specific energy (specific power): 0.370 kW / m3h-1 (the specified value is 0.390 kW / m3h-1);
        Noise sound power level: 94.1 dB (a) [converted into noise sound pressure level: 81db (a) 1, and the specified value is ≤ 98.0 dB (a)
        Vibration intensity: 7.1mm/s (specified value ≤ 18.0mm/s);
        Installed motor power: 37 kw
        Net weight of unit: 5910kg;
        Gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor is a basic high-capacity high-pressure diaphragm compressor of gds134 series, i.e. double acting, multi membrane head symmetrical balance. For the first time, innovative structures such as oil cylinder live race, double acting, four membrane head, embedded structure membrane head, radial and axial two-way sealing structure and independent oil pumping and return system are adopted in China, For the original structure of diaphragm compressor such as automatic safety protection system, the appraisal committee believes that the machine is the first and leading in China, has reached the international advanced level, has advanced performance indicators, has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, stable operation and reliable operation, and has stable production and manufacturing conditions. During the development period, in order to meet the urgent needs of the market, A variety of series and variant products have been developed simultaneously, with a total of 6 specifications and more than 20 sets. Since the beginning of 2006, it has successively put into the industrial use assessment of users, which is mainly used in the manufacturing of new semiconductor materials, petrochemical and gas process. Some have been used for a long time, with good operation and satisfactory users.
        The successful development of gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor fills the blank of oil cylinder piston double action and multi diaphragm head varieties in the field of diaphragm compressor in China. It gives full play to the characteristics of symmetrical and balanced structure, easy modification and multi diaphragm head multi-stage compression in one machine, which undoubtedly provides a foundation for greatly expanding the varieties and specifications of large diaphragm compressors in China, It creates conditions for the realization of new products such as one machine from atmospheric inlet compression to high pressure and ultra-high pressure, and plays a positive role in promoting the technical development and the increase of varieties and specifications of diaphragm compressors in China.
The successful development of the machine and its series products meets the urgent need for large and special diaphragm compressors in China's current industrial development process, and can replace imported similar products, with good social benefits.


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