Gds134-60 / 160 double acting diaphragm compressor product appraisal meeting

Group photo of participants in gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor product appraisal meeting


       On May 10, 2008, our company conducted product appraisal on gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor. The personnel attending the appraisal meeting are (from left): Fu chungan (Deputy Secretary General and doctor of China Industrial Gas Association), Zhong Falun (director and senior engineer of embrako compressor company), Fu Hong (Deputy General Manager and engineer of Huizhi company) Tan Yuejin (director and researcher of compressor Research Institute of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute), Li Yongjin (professor level senior engineer of Huizhi company), sun Siying (Professor of Beijing University of Technology), Chen Didai (professor level senior engineer of Huizhi company), Jing Zhiqin (engineer of Huizhi company), Cui Guohua (Electrical Engineer of Huizhi company), Li Zhengqi (general manager engineer of Huizhi company) Yu Yongzhang (Professor and doctoral director of Xi'an Jiaotong University), Wen shunru (vice minister and senior engineer of science and Technology Department of China Machinery Industry Federation), Li Benlin (Chairman and engineer of Huizhi company), Gao Qilian (researcher senior engineer of compressor editorial department), Qian Jiaxiang (secretary general and professor senior Engineer of compressor branch of China General Machinery Industry Association) Liu Yutao (deputy chief engineer and researcher of 101 Institute of Aerospace Science and Technology Group), Wu Lizhi (Dean and professor of Mechanical Engineering School of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology), mang jiulan (director and engineer of technology and Quality Department of Huizhi company), Zhang Zhushan (engineer of Huizhi company). The appraisal meeting was presided over by China Machinery Industry Federation and the product technical appraisal of the expert appraisal committee with senior professor Yu Yongzhang as the chairman.
        The following is the site group diagram of gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor appraisal meeting on May 10, 2008

Professor Yu Yongzhang and other appraisers watched gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor on site

Professor Yu Yongzhang and other appraisers visited the production workshop of our company, and Minister mang jiulan explained and introduced the company's products


Professor Sun spoke highly of gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compression

Director Wen shunru spoke highly of gds134-60 / 160 diaphragm compressor and put forward reasonable suggestions

Leaders of our company and engineers of all departments listen carefully to suggestions

Professor Yu Yongzhang read out the appraisal opinions


       Senior professor and director Yu Yongzhang read out the appraisal opinions:
       “ On May 10, 2008, China Machinery Industry Federation organized experts to conduct product technical appraisal on gds134-60 / 160 symmetrical balanced high pressure diaphragm compressor developed by Beijing Huizhi Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. with independent intellectual property rights. The members of the appraisal committee listened to the development report of the project, observed the real machine operation and reviewed the relevant technical documents. After careful discussion, the appraisal committee agreed:
       The design, manufacturing, use and other technical documents of the model are complete and complete, the design drawings and various technical documents are clear and accurate, the technical data and drawings provided are complete and unified, meet the requirements of product identification, and can guide the production and meet the use requirements.
       This model is the first oil cylinder piston double acting and four membrane head symmetrical balanced diaphragm compressor in China. It adopts a series of new technologies and structures such as differential oil cylinder piston. All technical performance indexes meet the provisions of the technical task book and relevant national technical standards. In terms of the working principle and power level of oil cylinder piston double acting, it ranks first in the world Domestic leading level.
       After the actual operation, the test shows that the model has the advantages of low vibration, low noise, stable operation, good sealing, convenient use and maintenance, and perfect and reliable automatic protection system. Through the industrial application assessment of several products of the same series, it can ensure the safe and reliable operation.
This model fills the gap of domestic diaphragm compressor with multi diaphragm head and large volume flow. Its performance price ratio is better than that of similar foreign products, which is only about 30% - 40% of the current price of foreign products of the same specification. It meets the urgent need of large diaphragm compressor in the domestic market and can replace the import, and has good economic and social benefits;
       Compared with GD series diaphragm compressors widely used in the market, this model has high universality and standardization, which is convenient for modular and serial development of series products, accelerates the development speed, reduces the development and use cost, and plays a positive role in promoting the development of varieties, specifications and technology of large diaphragm compressors in China.
        The appraisal committee unanimously agreed to pass the appraisal
        It is suggested to strengthen the quality tracking in use for the series products of various models that have been delivered from the factory of this model, so as to make the new structure technology more perfect and mature, further accelerate the development of variants and series products and expand the application field. "


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